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Welcome to Supreme Hit Global Network Exchange

Does unlimited visitors to your Traffic Exchange appeal to you? Do you have extra credits on your Traffic Exchange System you need to burn? For Exchange owners and members the benefits are simple - would your members rather have their website(s) show on one site, or many other sites? Our system combines a Traffic Exchange, Co-op system, Text ad's, Banner Ad's & more into one Network so you are receiving the most advertising outlets in one system. Try our Global Network Exchange and see what you have been missing. Traffic Exchange Owners Benefits:

Traffic Exchange Owners Benefits:

  • Effortlessly increase your unique visitor count.
  • Dramatically increase your deliverable hits per member per day.
  • Enjoy a major increase in exposure for your traffic exchange & your members.
  • Have your sites seen on Traffic Exchanges & more.
  • Easy to setup in just a few minutes.
  • Develop an extra income stream in the process!
  • We will provide you, or develop for you, the needed interface script for FREE!
  • Signing up is quick, easy and free to join.
  • Get 2 downline builder pages (9 slots each) hosted here at no cost to you. (More if you upgrade).

Control your hit-flow!

Supreme Hit Network can provide this for you!

How do we do this?

  • We link your exchange into our system.

  • Supreme Hit acts like a traffic exchange, showing your pages to surfers from other exchanges.

    • People who are not members of your exchange will be surfing your members' pages!

    • Those same people will also see your exchange's tagline and a referral link!

  • Use our referral page to develop a down line:

    • Earn 15-60 percent of your direct referrals' spend!

What Traffic Exchange Systems Are Compatible?

Join Today!

    • A1txpro
    • Traffic DX
    • LJ Script
    • VS-Trex
    • Ventrino / Walker
    • Yigle & Much more.
    • So what are you waiting for? Join us today.....

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